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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication


TSM Houston Inc. (Texas Sheet Metal) is a reputable, full-service custom sheet metal fabrication company based in Houston, Texas. We excel at designing, fabricating, automating and implementing guards, platforms, catwalks, tanks, sheet metal fabrications, and various steel structures.


TSM HousonSince 1953, we have built and installed conveyor systems of all types, and have accrued a wealth of experience in industrial contracting work, custom metal fabrication and assembly, plant re-locations, turnkey maintenance services and capital project sub-contract work. And since the new building addition, we have an area of 25,000 square feet!


TSM Houston takes great pride in maintaining excellent standards of quality, workmanship and on-schedule project completion. We offer our customers detailed attention in undertaking their projects, observing their requirements, meeting all aspects of their specifications, and exceeding their expectations, while adhering to scheduling and budget considerations. TSM’s dedicated, personalized approach and legacy of integrity have earned us our customers’ trust, loyalty and repeat business.


Once you become a TSM Houston customer, you’re always a TSM Houston customer.


Sheet Metal Fabrication


With more than 50 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication work and major project installations, TSM Houston has the necessary expertise and resources to respond promptly and efficiently to the requirements of all types of industries, including General Manufacturing, Plastics, Food Processing, Bottling and Packaging. We are a Robotics Industries Association (RIA) integrator.


In addition, we offer Contract Maintenance Services, including timely repairs, valuable preventive maintenance and implementing safeguards in order to minimize repairs as much as possible.


We offer extensive project completion services including:


      • Turn-key installation of major projects.
      • Dismantling and/or relocating complete manufacturing facilities.
      • Relocating and reinstalling existing equipment.
      • Rework and repair of manufacturing equipment.
      • Building of custom equipment to the customer's design.


Our state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication facilities give us the capacity to cut, roll, form, punch, and weld materials from thin gauges to 1/2" mild steel plate, 3/8" stainless steel plate, 3/4" aluminum plate, structural shapes, sheets, and heavy and thin-wall pipe and tubing.


Custom Metal Fabrication


TSM Houston builds and installs a wide variety of industrial equipment to customers' specifications. We also prepare design drawings for projects involving custom sheet metal fabrications, featuring professional engineer-approved designs to ensure safety and performance. These projects include:


      • Conveyors - Belt, Mat, Table Top, Air, Drag, Screw, Pneumatic, etc.
      • Dust Collectors - Cyclones, Hoppers
      • Palletizers
      • Packing Equipment - Case packers, Sorters, etc.
      • Scrap Systems
      • Washers
      • Ovens
      • Structural
      • Piping
      • Tanks
      • Drums
      • Ductwork of all kinds


TSM Houston can handle various industrial jobs, both small and large, including design, fabrication, automation, maintenance, repair or installation. Contact us to obtain informed answers to your questions in these areas and for competitive bids on your project requirements.


Metal Fabrication


TSM Houston prides itself on quality craftsmanship, offering a variety of sheet metal fabrications, capabilities and related services at a level of customer service that our competitors simply cannot match.


Since 1953, TSM’s dedication to quality, flexibility and service excellence has made us a leader in providing creative and cost-effective alternatives to expensive capital equipment.